Chinese massage in Grand Hotel Montabo

Discover a new activity on Grand Hotel Montabo.

The Chinese massages practised by a qualified masseuse.

The Chinese traditional massage, so called massage Tui Na is a branch of the Chinese traditional medicine (or MTC) in the same way as the acupuncture.

It is practised, by stimulating in particular the points of acupuncture, on all of the body, or on a part in particular:

Back, feet, stomach…

Its benefactions are many:

Sensation of well-being.
Balance the energies.
Relax and evacuate the stress.
Improve back pains.
To stimulate the blood circulation (relieves legs, kick out) and lymphatic.
To relieve the troubles (colds, migraines, digestive problems) and it stimulates the immune system
To make out a will without further delay, you will not be disappointed! Book an appointment by telephone in: + (594) (0) 594 30 38 88 or directly by reserving your chamber.

Good massage to all.